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I posted my first interview on Your Wardrobe Unlocked! It was so wonderful--Judy Mitchell--co-owner of the F-Costume group and the Lord of the Rings Costume website caught up with me and told me all about her love for Scandanavian historic costumes, fantasy costumes and preparations for this year's CostumeCon. Needless to say, Judy is a bit inspiring!

Meanwhile, I continued to plug away at the stays, but only managed sewing one line of stitching. Researching costumers for YWU and clothing for the Mistresses of Charles II project left me wanting more mojo! So, I felt inspired to do a bit of needlework.  I used to do lots of embroidery (particularly before I got really into costuming), but I haven't picked up my hoop for a couple of years. Things have really changed. It used to be that few shops carried more than needlepoint supplies. I used to have real trouble finding silk threads (so much that I'd bought a skein of unbleached lace knitting silk and teacup dye it).  Now there's lots of stuff--my local Michaels craft store even carries 28 ct evenweave linen!

Cruising around the Internet left me recalling just how much I liked Jacobean embroidery--especially the wild "orientalist" motifs. I didn't go so radical in my design, but I drew a little motif on some linen and stitched it in a stumpwork fashion with bits of silk in the stash. I even tried my first effort at goldwork with a bit of some (unknown) gold thread I picked up at a flea market.  I rather like the results...

I enjoyed it enough to think about embroidering more for the Charles II costume. That would be really cool...But now, back to the UFOs!

Well, the other big thing was hosting the local aquatic plant club yesterday. We managed to get 39 people in our living room! It was lots of fun and Rick gave a presentation about aquarium lighting.


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