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Today I spent the day running a canvass out of the house (for a local special election) and jamming to the telecast big concert held downtown for the Presidential Inauguration. It was a little trip down campaign memory lane--the songs were all the same ones they played at every rally where Obama appeared (fairly often in our Northern VA battleground area--though we were really too busy to go to most). It was lots of fun texting friends watching it live down on the Mall (bets were passed over whether Jack Black would return on stage wearing a toga when Garth Brooks started singing Animal House's "Shout")! I danced with my husband, kitties, and canvass volunteers--we toasted the President-elect with hot chocolate and had a tremendously fun time!

Meanwhile, it's ball time. Last night was the local "Blue Jeans" ball. It was both fun and silly. I wore a cocktail dress with jeans and ridiculously high heels. The food was great, but the utensils were lacking (I spent an undue amount of time trying to figure out how to eat a mixed bean salad with a toothpick). The bartenders were overcome with exuberance and served huge filled-to-the-brim glasses of champagne. Hanging with friends, we caught up on life and dreams. It was an evening we just never wanted to end!

And yes, we have the hottest tickets of all...

DH and I have been incredibly fortunate. We didn't even enter any of the ticket lotteries, since there were literally thousands of requests for every available ticket--particularly for Virginia (since most of the state is pretty close to the Mall). Then, earlier this week, just as we started reconsidering braving the crowds (it's history, after all), we were notified that we'd been selected for tickets! To be honest, when we got notification, we just didn't believe it.  I suspect that they may have released a few more tickets to his Virginia volunteers, since we pulled the state in for him. We feel stupefyingly honored! Best of all, we knew one other friend that got a ticket--in our area--so we're going to meet up!

Ahead--I have to make a small alteration to my inaugural gown tomorrow (I wore it once before and was embarrassed by it being cut too low) (nb--I'm not a prude, but openings below the cleavage get dicey for me). Then the rest of the day is reserved for playing with my hair and figuring out how the heck to stay warm on Tuesday.

The last surprise was that my step brother and his wife got plane tickets to come up here from Florida. They are amazing people who work as human rights advocates for migrant laborers. They wanted their baby to witness history, so they are coming! I can't wait to see them! So, it's shaping to be an exceptionally memorable long weekend.


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