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Just back from SalonCon! 

Getting there was epic--it took 3 hours to just get from DC to Baltimore, but we finally got to event in time to change and make it to the end of the arrival party. That was fun--the people attending were the most remarkable folks--genuinely fun, kind and engaging people.  I have to say that I truly enjoyed everyone I met. This was a rare con--the tendency was for folks to engage in thoughtful conversation. It was nice to be with a group of people enthusiastic about spreading creative inspiration. Between attending the salons and meeting others, I left bursting with ideas!

I managed to enjoy a bit of one salon (Nearly Free Advice) then booked it to my room to prepare my things and get to the tea (late, lol). I had my own salon, which was really fun. I did it on Philosophical Toys--ie, parlour amusements that alter perception of reality (like the stereoscope, simple animation devices, etc.). The organizers of SalonCon had got me worried that all salons would attract a sizeable number of participants--which wouldn't have suited my intimate subject. To my relief, my salon only attracted a more manageable number of people (@15) and we met around a single table. I spent most of the time discussing stereoscopes, since the group appeared most interested in that. The nicest thing was learning afterwards that one of the most enthusiastic participants was a person who came only came to Saloncon to support his partner's passion for the steampunk genre!

So, afterwards, I joined in [ profile] jehanni 's crazy quilting session. The really stunning part of it to me was that she wore a dress that reflected her topic--steampunk and crazy quilting--wow! However, as it progressed, I started feeling rather victorian and increasingly dizzy. As I started yearning for smelling salts, folks expressed concern that I was either too hot or my stays were too tight. Interestingly, neither was the case, since despite the room swirling, I felt rather comfortable in my clothes. By the time I made it to the room, I was pretty much catatonic and fell into bed! Later, as I revived in a foggy state, I started musing how odd it was that I had passed out even though I hadn't been drinking. Then it hit me--I really hadn't drunk a thing all day, save for a small glass of juice at breakfast! I had dehydrated myself to the point of bonking! Doh! I chugged a can of sugary coke and started reviving. Pretty soon I was up again and feeling much, much better, though I was sad I missed the costume contest. Still, I was lucky to see most of the costumes afterwards.

We went down to the evening entertainments, where I bought new shoes (matching my dress!) and lost track of my friends. I ended up getting a great seat for the burlesque show. According to people I'd met, this troupe seems to improve at every performance--I foundthe presentation to be entertaining and well worth watching. That performance was followed by a performance by Abney Park--a steampunk inspired band that sounded (to me) reminiscent of Depeche Mode (but happier and with more ethnic music elements). They provided a great stage performance and it was fun watching until I decided to track down my friends who were resting in the Con suite. We relaxed there and enjoyed the rest of the music.

I have to give great compliments to my roommates--[ profile] jehanni  and[ profile] angldst. Once we got out of that initial long, long drive to Con, things got much nicer and we settled in well--and I appreciated their thoughfulness when I bonked. Meeting up with [ profile] bauhausfrau , [ profile] padawansguide , [ profile] madamekat, [ profile] ginevra007  and Dan was terribly fun (thank you ladies for letting me sew my hooks and eyes up in your room--the light was so much better there for sewing!). And then the exceptional new friends--the lovely [ profile] heidilea  (great air pirate, btw!), the inspired [ profile] midnightstation (blessed with the most gentlemanly demeanor), the talented Adrian who stunned us with the amazing bustlegown she'd sewn in less than three days, the lovely Bobbie from Baltimore, the courtly Steve-not-Mark and his gracious consort, the illuminated [ profile] skyangeldesigns (and her equally engaging partner), the incredibly talented artist Suzanne Forbes and the engaging [ profile] brute_force  and his lovely consort, the intelligent Ms. Donna, the informative Liz and the inspired Tom & Aimee. There were many others, facinating, intelligent people--whose contact information I do not have. I truly enjoyed the company of all!

I did not take photos, but there are many, very expressive photos posted by others. It was a memorable event--one I highly recommend! It left me a bit sleepy--but now rest is readily available!

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I don't know about others, but I've wasted entirely too much time today drooling over the new version of the Dutchess movie website.  All I know is...must...recreate...the...drunken dress. Oooooh!!

The dress looks even better at the website. The silk is much more of a red color--and just fantasticulous!  Hat toss to [profile] lisotchka for posting this morning that the site had been marvelously enhanced!

Meanwhile, I've started preparing for Saloncon. I am thinking of making two outfits, including one steampunk effort. While I totally get into the Victorian aesthetic, I'm having a slight concern about this. I like the industrial side to it--but things like clockwork cotton seems somewhat cliched to me. It will be interesting to see what I come up with... Right now, I'm playing with making a bustle skirt out of ribbon organza. I'm not sure though....
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A perfect little Victorian fantasy (with a lovely Brazilian beat)...

P.S. Happy Birthday, [personal profile] jennil!

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On Tuesday, something unusual emerged from the ground in NYC...

What was it? Rumors went crazy. By Thursday the answer was clear...


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I'm on a serious kick here on completing my UFOs, so I'm going with it. I feel ridiculous that I never finished this thing. I made this corset at least a year ago, but never bound it off or punched in the grommets. This is late Victorian. It's got a real steampunk vibe, though I had no clue about the movement when I started making this. Come to think of it, inventorying my wardrobe left me with the recognition most of my fun clothes are either 50s era or victorian-inspired. Heck, my mom used to let me dress up that way even growing up (I can recall insisting on wearing full length dresses most of 4th grade (abt 1972)--and nobody ever making a comment).

Anyways, here are the pics:


I think this is my favorite corset so far--it's really pretty and it fits perfectly (which is great, since I adapted and altered it from a differently sized corset pattern). As my recently passed grandmother would say "hubba, hubba, girl!"

On a related matter, I was in an office earlier today where they had an old copy of last week's Sunday's New York Times in the waiting area. This is probably old news to everyone but me, but there was an article about the movement (linked here).  Interesting analysis.

I had a fun last night at sewing. Debbie is getting psyched for Costume College too. We're going to travel together, so we reviewed our registration and got advice from Jonatha.  I goofed in my registration--but the CC were nice enough to fix it rather than punishing me with my mistake. I'm already liking the atmosphere of this group!

I'm plugging away at the stays, but haven't had much time since yesterday morning. I should finish the sewing on them tonight, but then I don't have anything to bind it with.  I've tried emailing the Silly Sisters--but it seems Sarah's away. Oh well, once I get the bones in, I can at least machine off the bottom edge and use it for fittings until she gets back and sends it to me.

Finally, I am still waiting for my Featherweight!  I emailed the vendor--he apologized and mailed it yesterday. Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to see it in person!


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