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In our house, Valentines Day has become a major holiday. Its occurrence this year on a Saturday made it even more delightful. Several weeks ago, I promised a friend that I would attend Washington's Birthnight Ball at Gadsby's Tavern Museum--which had really been the General's favored public establishment during his lifetime. Of course, I did wait until the last possible minute to get tickets--but luckily, my friend works at the museum and had already set them aside when the event sold out!

So, we went--and made a hasty reclamation of my DH's kit, which he hadn't worn for three years. In commemoration of the date, we both wore red. It was a marvelous evening, with musicans playing from a loft above, elegant dancing, gaming, sweets and festive drinks! We mixed with old reenactor friends as well as astonished friends from the political word (who never imagined us in costume).

Candlelight, gowns and photos of friends and lovers! )

It was a happy celebration of love and a beloved president's birthnight! these entertainments appeal? If you can come, consider joining us upcoming events, including one the night before CostumeCon (hint, hint!):
  • James Madison's Inaugural Banquet (set in 1809, costumes and modern formal wear allowed) March 14, 2009 ($100 per ticket, including dinner, $150 for pre-dinner reception).
  • 18th Century Bread and Butter Ball (Set in 1790s, more advanced dances, costumes highly encouraged) May 30, 2009 ($45) (seems to me that it might a perfect occasion to debut a new stripey polonaise...).
Update--mea culpa--just realized I mixed up months. If only the Bread and Butter Ball were a month earlier...
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This week, I have put my energies into reworking an old gown.

The gown is a favorite, but I know the bodice is just wrong. That said, it would be a wonderful thing to wear to the Time Travelers' Ball at Costume College.

A few months ago, a stopover at a fabric store left me looking at the silks.  One bolt had the fabric I'd wanted for so long...a purple silk, shot gold. Period correct fabric. It was truly overpriced at $58 per yard, but regency bodices don't take much fabric! I had them cut me a half yard and paid for it.

Now I have the truly scary part ahead: set scissors to my own creation. I am a bit trepidacious about this. Yikes. What if it doesn't work?  Well, here goes nothing...


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