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Ok, we had a GREAT time inauguration week, but there was one little problem (well, "complete success" if you are the chief of the Capitol Police, but a big problem if you are one of an estimated 50,000 ticket holders to the inauguration)...

The circumstances even inspired a music video!

Most of my friends with tickets (including my stepbrother and his wife, for whom we scrambled hard to get last-minute blue tickets) never got in. Oddly, though the incompetent crowd management was annoying, most folks--even those who missed it--took getting kept out exceptionally well. It was remarkable how folks who truly sacrificed to get to the inauguration took missing it. Nothing could possibly diminish the incredible joy that just seemed pervasive.

After spending 5 hours waiting in scary crowded conditions (we got to the area marked "mob" on the photo) and after surviving the "silver gate stampede," we gave up. DH and I walked down to the public access area on the mall and watched the swearing in on a jumbotron. It was an incredible moment. I pretty much got overwhelmed by it all and started crying.

We were very lucky then. We ended up standing next to the only open gate to the parade zone. We scooted over into security just before it closed and managed to get to a party at the National Council of Negro Women. Highlights of the day were meeting famed civil rights activist Dorothy Height, seeing Sasha Obama staring out of the limo at us in shock, and yes, just plain breaking down when President Obama (oh, I LOVE saying that) said his oath. I am still getting shivers over that moment. OK, continue below the cut for details, celebrity and gown photos...

I pose with the President and DNC chair! )


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