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I haven't posted online for a long time--I'm a staffer for a Democratic legislator and we run district party operations in a critical swing district. Needless to say, life gets a little crazy in October. This week marked my organizing several major events--a fundraiser for local poverty relief (we raised $3000!), a child ID card drive (several dozen kids are a little safer now), and a Halloween parade unit (a fun time, though cold). With those behind me, inspired by this website, last night I took a bit of a mental break and let my creative juices flow...

Barack O’ Lantern or Jack O’ Bama? )
So, tonight we got back to business while a gazillion kids came and trick or treated. We've lined up most of the poll gaps we know of (we are responsible for 23 polling places). We are just about ready for an avalanche of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) canvassers this weekend. The house is somewhat in order, we have boxes of miscellaneous campaign materials squirrelled in almost every hiding space. This evening when we started running low on candy, we cut back on distribution and started offering kids campaign stickers. They loved it.

With the end of the campaign so close, I'd like to ask a few favors, particularly of fellow Obama supporters...

First, please vote--it really does matter. Second, if you are within driving distance of a swing state, please get involved this weekend (pm me if you need info). Third, if you feel generous, consider a donation to our local district Democratic committee (a donate button is linked on the page). We don't get money from the campaigns or larger party organizations, so we pay--mostly out of pocket--for all the materials we use/distribute for campaigning--including brochures, yard signs, buttons, etc. It's something we do out of love, but now that we find ourselves at the frontlines of the most critical swing area (Obama will end his campaign here), we need to provide much more of this than ever.

Finally, let's look at ways we can use whatever results come out of this election to rebuild America. The anger that has come out in politics is reflective of real issues that cause deep concern, often in conflicting ways. As citizens, we need to urge our leaders after the election to make rebuilding our economy their highest priority, regardless of political affilliation. Ultimately, it won't be a matter of standing against each other for what we believe differently, but standing together to accomplish what we really need.


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