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Well, yesterday I ironed my new ribbon and I was pretty pleased. Here is the result:

The background is a soft blue and the flocking is a deeper wedgwood blue.  The less differentiated swatch was my sample--I realized I didn't get enough contrast with that, so I checked the color set on my full length several times until I got the look I wanted (I'd pull it out and dunk it in a rinse bucket).  Overall, a pretty good effort, though I have no idea what I was dyeing, in terms of content (except that it was synthetic something or other).

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I found some really great ribbon for my chemise a la reine dress...cute flocked stuff with a pattern of cherubs and ivy. It wasn't expensive, it was really wide...and really bridal!  Colors were limited to cream or white, neither which would look very good with a white dress. So, I bought four yards and started experimenting with it. The stuff is either acetate or polyester satin, with unknown flocking on it. I tried fabric paint (pepeo and some old deka I had on hand)--it worked, but totally changed the hand of the ribbon. I tried a couple of dyes on samples, but it resisted the dye.  Then I tried something I'd heard told as a technique for synthetics. I dissolved the dye in an alcohol-water solution (about 1:4 parts), then added my sample as it boiled.

It worked on the sample, though it shrunk about 20%.  I went ahead and mixed up more dye, set the full length in and let it simmer just below boiling.  After about ten minutes, it came to a nice light blue shade and I put it in my rinse bucket.

Now mind you--I followed the proper precautions. I did not use any food pots. I worked outdoors in full ventilation.  I wore a respirator, gloves and a rubber apron.

I'll try to take pics to show my results...


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