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I posted about half of my Costume Con photos last week, before getting swamped by recent dental woes. This morning I formatted the rest and posted them all...enjoy!

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The highlight of CostumeCon are the elaborate masquerades that cap the event. These involve the competitive presentation of costumes in a stage environment. This year, I was fortunate to have a front-row seat at the historic masquerade, thanks to a very thoughtful companion who saved me a seat while I changed clothes. I tried to take photos and pictures of all, but due to technical problems, I missed the first masquerade.

I took videos of many historic masquerades. Bear in mind that I was shooting with the video setting on a regular digital camera--not a real video camera. But it should give you a flavor of what the masquerades are like. Click below the cut for your viewing pleasure!

p.s. Pardon me if I get the names of the masquerades wrong. I did this from memory!

Click to go to video! )
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I'm in the process of posting the videos and photos I took at CostumeCon. It's taking quite a while...

My overall impression of the event is marvelous! I loved the company, catching up with old friends and the amazing workmanship on stage and in the hallways. I made a point of dipping my feet in the sci-fi/fantasy water by taking a fang workshop. There were two dramas (my course fee was stolen and a discussion I had led someone to make injurious remarks about another costumer after I'd left) but these hiccups couldn't hurt the generally happy experience I had. I left feeling inspired and creatively stimulated, which is always the best takeaway!

To get started, here is a video of the Simplicity fashion show, showing the display of the new Wizard of Oz patterns:

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Whhheeee! I've been away to New Orleans (Jazzfest still rocks!) and now at Costume Con.

Somewhere in my travels, my sewing mojo disappeared. Then, doh, it hit me! What was I dieting for the past month? To fit my costumes...I have a whole closet full of costumes. I made a selection, then got rather caught up in life's stupid details. After fussing through things like bills, laundry and picking up prescriptions, I hit the road, got caught in a gignormous traffic delay, but made it to Costume Con with time to relax and catch up before the Friday Social.

This was the highlight then...A presentation called "Herding Cats."

Yesterday--an awesome workshop on Jacobean Embroidery, the Sci Fi Masquerade and lots of catching up with old friends. I stayed up way too late, but am cranked to go to the Sunday undies!

More later!


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