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Well, Sunday night I just couldn't sleep. After tossing and turning, I went down to my work room and started mucking with a Soom Namu practice head that I'd bought some months back. To be honest, it wasn't a head I really liked--it was scratched, it had the pointiest nose and distinct eyefolds. But I got it inexpensively, so I figured it was a good piece to start on--I could improvise with abandon.

This is not my doll, but it give an idea of the pointiness of the nose...imagine this, with a bad faceup. Luckily, the face cleaned up easily.

The first thing I did was haul out the dremel--and slice down that nose. Using a very fine bit, I found it easy to get a rough cut on a nose shape I liked. I started fine sanding with a nail board, then I remembered I had a set of Japanese polishing papers that I'd bought for PMC clay. I tried that--and got amazing results. Feeling my success on the nose, I refined the shape of the eyelid, then I used the polishing papers to work off the scratches on the head.

What I ended up with was a face that looked like new--and in my eyes, much better than the original sculpt. It was pretty amazing how great it looked. I was truly surprised to see how much working it with very fine abrasives improved it. I was lucky--the head was not discolored, either.

Then I moved on to adding color. This time, I went for a very natural face. I felt that I was getting the hang of the technique of painting (my airbrush is not set up with a compressor yet)--but I am still stymied by caking of color--though now I'm careful to brush off any excess build up.

This evening, I put the doll on the only SD body I have--an Elfdoll. Unfortunately, the Soom resin is much lighter and greener. Still, I was amazed at how great it looked. I didn't do much to photograph it but use my point and shoot and it looked great. Here is the doll, wearing the gorgeous dress Bauhausfrau gave me last month for my b'day...I love the first wig, especially...and the green eyes look fabulous in person.

Which brings me to a dilemma. This was supposed to be a disposeable head that I could use to practice on, then pass along. Though I don't see this as a final faceup, my success is leaving me quite attached to her. However, she needs a body that matches her face.

Of course, none of this leaves me craving that Alice in Labyrinth face any less...c'est la vie, huh?

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I think Pilot has a shoe fetish...

Oh, yeah--and those are shoes I made, for my doll, not Pilot:

For my first effort at shoe making, I'm pretty pleased!I learned a lot making them and I can't wait to make a whole wardrobe of 18th century shoes (and now I start the mission to find adaptable shoe buckles, though the ribbons are period correct). However, now back to sewing!
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The weekend was a quiet one, mostly since we decided to skip the Jefferson Jackson dinner that we'd planned on attending. So, I decided to whip up something quick...and overdue. Clothes for one of my dolls.

Pics after the jump... )
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I've not posted my progress for some time, but it's been a productive week. Over the weekend, I went wig shopping and got 5 wigs (2 for the clearance price of 1 sale) (NB--human wigs for me!). My new doll, Elodie (a Soulkid Yewon), could not resist pose with my suddenly burgeoning wig collection (she's laughing, I think)...

Needless to say, I'm simply enchanted by Elodie, who is wearing the gorgeous clothes made for her by [personal profile] bauhausfrau. She's quite the little lady!

And then, I got an old head to learn how to do face-ups. This was my first try--I was rather pleased overall with the results. What is not clear is that the lips were rather clumpy...I don't know if it was because I was using pastels or if it was old build up there. After I took this shot, I scrubbed the daylight out of her (fwiw, it's an old Soulkid Harang doll). I'm going for a second try soon...I really love this doll head too. Poor Rosalind may find she's got a new head soon!

Tomorrow I'll give a sewing update...I finished the chemise dress! Well, except for the lining petticoat, which I may finish by the time I get a chance to get it up on my dummy and photographed.
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Welcome my first bjd...Rosalind!

I can already see that she's got a distinctive demeanor!

To be honest, while I like the doll, I'm not wild about the face-up (ie, the features painted on the doll). The eyes are rimmed in pink, like she'd been crying, rather than emphasizing the impish character that drew me to the doll. I probably will modify it, once I feel confident about taking on the color. In the meanwhile, I'm still very happy with the doll.

The dress and wig she is wearing is the wonderful present [personal profile] bauhausfrau gave me for my birthday. It looks just nice not to have a naked doll here!
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I blame it all on [personal profile] bauhausfrau, who came over to my house a little over two weeks ago and introduced me to the enchanting Lisette...



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