Feb. 5th, 2010

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I wanted to update everyone...

This morning we went in to the vet and finally figured out Scout's problem: he had feline leukemia. There were options for prolonging his life, but in the mind of the veterinarian, Scout was in great pain and at the point of starvation. So, we decided to put him to sleep. Scout died peacefully in our arms.

Meanwhile, Pilot (the older cat with one eye) is on the mend. His appetite is improving and he is responding to his antibiotic shot. We are very encouraged for him. By the way, the vet does not think Pilot's illness is connected to Scout--the signs are different and appear to be virally caused.

As for Scout's FLV, we believe he caught it as a kitten and it had been dormant ever since (he had been fully vaccinated for it over the whole time he'd been kept domestically). As a precaution, we had the two remaining cats tested--both Pilot and Snuggy are negative and are vaccinated. So, there is no danger to them.

Scout will be cremated and at Kathy's request, the ashes will be laid to rest in Dave's garden. That was Dave's wish, it's a place Scout loved, so that's really appropriate.

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes. We've been truly touched by the kindness and concern. We miss Scout, but feel happy that we kept him happy for as long as we could.

Mary and Rick


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